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Non-Chordate ZOOLOGY Notes-EVOLUTION for IAS,IFoS Examination

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Non-Chordate ZOOLOGY Notes-EVOLUTION for IAS, IFOS Examination

Non-Chordate ZOOLOGY Notes-EVOLUTION for IAS, IFOS Examination. Evolution is best and famous coaching institute for IAS, IFOS, IPS and Civil services. Last so many years Evolution provides best notes to the IAS, IFOS, students. Evolution has best teaching faculty group for the students and his notes are fresh contained full syllabus.

एवोलूशन के जूलॉजी के नोट्स बेस्ट हैं उन स्टूडेंट्स के लिए जो आईएएस,इफोस के एग्जाम की तैयारी कर रहे हैं.एवोलूशन बेस्ट इंस्टिट्यूट हैं उन स्टूडेंट्स के लिए जो आईएएस ,ई,फ,ओ,स क्लियर करना चाहते हैं.इनके नोट्स बेस्ट टीचर्स के द्वारा लिखे जाते हैं
एवोलूशन के नोट्स ज्यादा से ज्यादा स्टूडेंट्स आर्डर करते हैं ताकि वो एग्जाम मैं ज्यादा से ज्यादा स्कोर कर सके.और स्टडी मटेरियल एवलूशन के बेस्ट नोट्स प्रोवाइड करता हैं गुड क्वालिटी के साथ.

Benefits of Zoology notes By evolution.

1.Evolution study materials and notes covers all the topics of civil service examination as well as IFoS examination.

2.Contained full syllabus.

3,The writing style and organization is strictly in accordance to the demand of UPSC examination.

4.Available at reasonable price.

5.Written by best faculty and toppers.

6.Study material provides notes at your doorstep.

7.Best notes for UPSC, IAS, IFOS Exam.

8.Available in two languages.1 Hindi 2 English

Non-Chordate ZOOLOGY Notes-EVOLUTION for IAS,IFOS Examination syllabus are given below..

1. Animal architecture and Bauplan concept.

2. Classification up to Phylum of Protozoa

3. Movement: Ameoboid movement

4. Reproduction in Paramecium

5. Canal system in Porifera

6. Polymorphism in Siphonophores and its evolutionary significance

7. Coral reef

8. Metamerism in Annelida and its evolutionary significance

9. Respiration:

10. Nervous system

11. Water vascular system in Asterias sp.

12. Structural organization of Placozoans

Study material has genuine notes for UPSC,IAS,IPS and Civil services exam. Study material provide Photocopy notes of Handwritten notes, Upsc notes, IAS notes, Printed notes ,Notes for IAS exam, Photo copy notes for IAS exam, Photocopy study material for IAS exam, Upsc notes, Upsc study material, Upsc coaching notes. We will deliver your notes in 7 days at your doorstep.


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