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IGNOU- BA International Relation

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IGNOU- BA International Relation -2018 Political Science However, now and then, they felt requirement for some reference books of B.A in Political Science (EPS) or unraveled assignments because of lack of time as the majority of understudies are occupied in their bustling timetable or in employment.

IGNOU- BA International Relation 

Study material give take a gander at material and notes best for all Civil government focused exams These notes are on a to a magnificent degree bonafide level fortified by Toppers for exam preparation.These notes are best in quality.

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IGNOU- BA International Relation -2017 contents as follows..

  1. Realist and Neo-Realist Approaches
  2. Liberal and Neo-Liberal Approaches
  3. Marxist and Other Radical Approaches
  4. Neo-Radical Approaches
  5. Post-Structuralist and Post-Modernist Approaches
  6. Feminist Approaches
  7. Environmental Approaches
  8. Worldviews from Asia, Africa and Latin America
  9. End of Cold War
  10. Post-Cold War Issues
  11. Emerging Powers
  12. Regional Groupings
  13. Globalisation
  14. International Inequities
  15. Elements of International Economic Relations
  16. Management of International Relations
  17. India in the New Global Order
  18. Right to Self-Determination
  19. Intervention-Invasion
  20. Nuclear Proliferation
  21. International Terrorism
  22. Role of Science and Technology in International Relations
  23. Inequality among Nations
  24. Global corporatism and state Sovereignty
  25. Human Rights and International Trade
  26. Changing Nature of American Power
  27. China as an Emerging Power
  28. Emergence of Central Asian Republics
  29. Ethnic Resurgence and ‘Identity’ Wars
  30. Aboriginal-Indigenous Movements


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