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Agriculture Drishti दृष्टि IAS

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Agriculture Drishti दृष्टि IAS The Vision Foundation was set up on November 1, 1999 with an objective to give the Civil Services wannabes enduring, subjective and upgraded indicating office and study material.

Agriculture Drishti दृष्टि IAS


Positive Points of Drishti notes….

1.Drishti The Vision has Faculty, Developers and Research Team that Drishti The Vision Foundation is today no ifs and’s or buts one of the best Coaching Institute for Civil Services hopefuls in India.

2.Study material is one site giving full and best notes and best thing about Drishti note is also available in Hindi for Hindi medium aspirants .

3.We have such a gathering of fulfilled Students they are genuinely impacting to get our notes.

4.Study material giving UPSC notes,Printed notes,Photocopy of Original notes,Study material offer module careful course for the understudies who may need to update picked spaces and move themselves.

5.Like Photocopy notes of Handwritten notes,Upsc notes,IAS notes,Printed notes ,Notes for IAS exam,Photo copy notes for IAS exam,Photocopy study material for IAS exam,Upsc notes,Upsc study material,Upsc coaching notes and books for SSC

Agriculture Drishti दृष्टि IAS contained some important content and they are given below..


1.Ecology and its relevance to man, natural resources, their sustainable ,management and conservation. Physical and social environment as factors of crop distribution and production

2.Cropping patterns in different agro-climatic zones of the country. Impact of high-yielding and short-duration varieties on shifts in cropping patterns.

3.Important features and scope of various types of forestry plantations such as social forestry, agro-forestry, and natural forests.

4.Propagation of forest plants. Forest products. Agroforestry and value addition. Conservation of forest flora and fauna.

5.Weeds, their characteristics, dissemination and association with various crops; their multiplications; cultural, biological, and chemical control of weeds.


1.Cell structure, function and cell cycle. Synthesis, structure and function of genetic material.

2.History of plant breeding. Modes of reproduction, selfing and crossing techniques. Origin, evolution, and domestication of crop plants, center of origin, law of homologous series, crop genetic resources- conservation and utilization

3.Seed production and processing technologies. Seed certification, seed testing, and storage.


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